Know Your Raga - Your complete guide to Indian Classical Music
Know Your Raga - Your complete guide to Indian Classical Music

The Bansuri

Frequently Asked Questions

A compilation of common bansuri problems and the information discussed on this site.

The Bansuri - An Introduction

The flute is one of the oldest known musical instruments in the world. In Indian mythology the bansuri has a special significance as it is the chosen instrument of the Hindu god Krishna, who is often depicted playing it.

Learn to play the bansuri

Holding a bansuri

You can start learning the bansuri through our online lessons. If you already play the flute or know a bit about Indian classical music, you can share your views, experiences and knowledge and guide other beginners in this section.

The making of a bansuri

Flute Making

Watch how a professional bamboo flute is made. This is a set of four videos that you can watch online and see the various stages involved in the process of making a flute.

Selecting a bansuri

At least 29 different sizes of bansuri are used in Indian music. Which one is right for you?

The science of a flute

This article tries to explain how musical sound is produced by the flute. For the technically inclined...

A flute seller.
A flute seller on a street in Delhi.

It is a common sight to see local flute sellers selling flutes on streets in towns and cities. From an instrumentalists point of view these flutes are never properly tuned and can not be used on stage but these flute sellers are a part of the culture and the experience of living in this part of the world.

(Picture taken from Shashwat Nagpal's photo stream)