Know Your Raga - Your complete guide to Indian Classical Music
Know Your Raga - Your complete guide to Indian Classical Music

Ram Ashish

Ram Ashish

Ram Ashish has been making professional quality bamboo flutes for over 20 years. He is an engineering graduate by qualification and has also studied Indian classical music from Gandharv Mahavidyalya, New Delhi under the guidance of Sh. Prakash Narain Saxena.

While learning music himself, Ram Ashish realized the technical challenge involved in crafting the flute. Most of the flutes available in the market were mass-produced factory made flutes that were more often than not completely out of tune and made using low quality bamboo. This gave Ram Ashish the motivation to craft his own flutes and soon it became his mission to make concert level flutes for other musicians.

Custom-Built Professional Flutes By Ram Ashish

A bansuri made by Ram Ashish is the highest quality Indian bamboo flute available anywhere in the world. With an experience of over twenty years he understands the needs of a professional musician as well as those of an amateur hobbyist. All flutes are crafted by hand and custom-built keeping in mind the needs of the customer.

Eight hole bass flute with dual key mechanism

Another innovation that Ram Ashish has brought to professional flutes is the production of bass flutes with eight holes, allowing an optional western style dual key mechanism.

Ordering Information

Each flute is customized to the user's needs. We encourage you to interact with us and provide more information about yourself so that Ram Ashish can make your custom-built bansuri, the way you want it.

Order Online

You can order flutes made by Ram Ashish through our online bansuri shop.

The Making of a Bansuri

The process of making a fluteThe process of making a flute

Ram Ashish shows you how a bansuri is hand crafted from raw bamboo in this set of videos that you can watch online. Bansuri Making >>